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Do you know where to stay in Paris?

No? Let us give you some helpful suggestions. Once you have booked your flights to Paris, now comes the confusing decision on where to stay. You can choose from different types of hotels, airbnb's, bed and breakfast's and even holiday homes, but that's not the point. Its the location. Which place in Paris, would be near to the all the attractions that you have to visit. This is especially true when you are going to visit for the first time. The Eiffel tower, Louvre museum, the cathedral of Notre Dame and the Cathedral of Sacre Coueur features on the list of the must visit for any Paris newbie.

Champs de Mars

The iconic Eiffel tower is the first thing that any Paris tourist will want to see. the area where it is situated is called Champs de Mars in the 7th Arrondissement. So booking any hotel in the Champs de mars area will have you waking up to the beautiful sight of the sun hitting the tower every morning. Its just a short walk to the tower. There are plenty of budget options for those looking for a bargain around Boulevard Garibaldi.

From here you can reach the Louvre Museum in about 30 mins, as it is close to 4.5 kms from here and 20 mins to the Cathedral of Notre Dame which is approximately 6 kms away.


Though not the artistic 'village' it used to be, Montmartre has not lost its charming appeal. It still has a lot of artists staying here but its not a poor artists community anymore. It has become quite gentrified. Book hotels or airbnb's in this area to get a unique feel of Parisian life. The most famous attraction is of course the Sacre Coueur, which is only the second most visited monument in Paris. Climb the steps leading to the Basilica to see the amazing views of the city. The famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret is close by, if you want to see what its all about.

For all the art lovers, Montmartre also has really good museums such as Musee de Montmartre, Musee de la Vie Romantiqe, and Musée d’Art Naïf Max Fourny.

1st Arrondissement

Well, this is the most quintessential part of Paris that you have to visit. The architecture and monuments in this area represents Paris in a way no other area will. First of all, we have the Louvre museum here, where you have to see the Mona Lisa and beautiful sculpture 'Winged victory', among 70,000 other artworks! You can also take in the beautiful avenues in Tuileries and stroll through the Jardins du Palais Royal which is part of the Parisian experience.

For shopping, visit Rue de Rivoli, where you can shop in the chic boutiques and relax in one of the cafes.


This area in Paris was home to artists and intellectuals such as Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Dali, Cezanne and the like. It is quite far from other attractions but it has a friendly neighborhood vibe to it, and is mostly free of tourist hustle and bustle. The main attractions here are the Catacombs of Paris , the Catacombs are essentially underground cemeteries; a maze of skeletons and skulls. You can join a walking tour if interested. Also, take tickets for the viewing deck at the Montparnasse tower to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city. It is spectacular on a clear night. Besides there are a number of cafes and bars to enjoy some delicious french fare (think traditional style Breton crepes).

The latin Quarter

This is a much affordable area if you are looking to stay in Paris within a budget. The main attractions here are The Pantheon, a neoclassic dome style monument that reflects greek style architecture and the beautiful Jardins Du luxembourg, where you can spend an entire day amidst gorgeous lilac and rose bushes, fountains and woodlands. The Latin quarter is one of those places best explored on foot, and the food scene here is one of the best in Paris.


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